Operating outside the traditional 9-to-5 day offers enormous advantages for businesses and their customers. However, these benefits are not without cost. The average shift work facility is faced with many people-related challenges and with significant unrecognised risks and costs.

Cost Reduction

CIRCADIAN’s comprehensive study of over five hundred 24/7 facilities has shown that working extended hours is associated with elevated employee costs compared to the daytime workforce. The good news is most of these costs are readily addressable.

Efficient 24 / 7 Utilisation

The competitive advantages of 168 hour-a-week utilisation of facilities and equipment, or providing seamless 24/7 customer service may seem obvious. But workload often fluctuates, creating pockets of inefficiency and overload, so that proportional staffing of 24/7 operations may be needed to maximise efficiency.

Light Exposure at Night

Recent research shows that the harmful effects of light at night are largely mediated by certain blue wavelengths which are detected by newly-discovered melanopsin photoreceptors in the retina ganglion cells in the eye.

Errors & Accidents

24/7 operations present special safety challenges, and risks of employee inattention are increased.

Scheduling Shifts

People who work shifts and 24/7 schedules care deeply about their work schedules.

Employee Relations

Employee morale and motivation are key to success in running a 24/7 business.