Errors & Accidents

24/7 operations present special safety challenges, and risks of employee inattention are increased. Some challenges to be aware of:

Fatigued Employees

The cumulative effect of night work and extended hours can lead to fatigue-impaired employees unless proactive steps are taken to reduce the risk.


Several studies have confirmed that fatigue impairment can produce a similar impairment as alcohol in terms of logical reasoning, concentration, information processing, judgment, hand-eye coordination, and reaction times. Quite simply, as people perform without sufficient rest, the likelihood of errors and accidents increases

Night Shift Errors

People are most likely to make mistakes and cause production errors in the pre-dawn “window of circadian low”. Errors of inattention can be costly or even deadly.


Very simply, when we are tired, we are more prone to making mistakes. Therefore, performance and safety can be especially compromised on the night shift because alertness is inherently lower at night, and because the night shift can affect quantity and quality of sleep, and thus, alertness as well.

Fitness for Duty

Increased substance abuse co-exists with fatigue in 24/7 operations, often as an inappropriate attempt to self medicate the effects of chronic fatigue.


Impaired workers cause preventable injuries, damage equipment and hurt productivity. At CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA, we can help you predict and prevent potential accidents.