In today’s global economy the importance of workforce training has never been greater. Not only do 24/7 employees require the normal training on job skills but they also require training in how to manage the special personal challenges of the shift work lifestyle. Unfortunately, most shift workers do not know how to adjust their lifestyle to minimise the negative effects of working around the clock. As a result, their job performance, safety, health and family life suffer, and your profits and productivity fall.

However, by providing training on how to manage a shift work lifestyle you can address these issues and enhance employee relations as well since you are sending a clear message to the employees that you care about their safety, well being and quality of life. In fact, research shows that turnover and absenteeism rates are higher in facilities that do not provide lifestyle training. A recent study found that extended hours companies that provided shift work lifestyle training had absenteeism rates between 3-8% compared to 11-15% for companies who provided no such training.

Shift work training poses a number of challenges including the fact that often in-house trainers do not have the necessary background (knowledge on Circadian rhythms, sleep and fatigue, etc) to put together a program for managing a shift work lifestyle. Moreover, many human resource or training departments are stretched thin to begin with, so it is difficult to keep up with the demands of additional training. Finally, many managers still do not fully realise all challenges that shift workers face and this is reflected in the numerous policies and procedures that actually make these challenges more difficult.


For over 27 years CIRCADIAN has been helping companies deal with shift work lifestyle training challenges through the following areas:

  • Managing a Shift Work Lifestyle - This on-site training program provides critical information to help employees deal with the challenges of working shift work, especially the night shift. Training includes information on fatigue, alertness, sleep, nutrition, health, family/social life and more.
  • Fatigue Training Online – The premier online fatigue management training program for the 24/7 workforce. This web-based system offers specialised training programs providing workers with practical solutions to maintain altertness, productivity, safety and high performance on-duty and get better sleep off-duty.
  • Train the Trainer - Providing the greater flexibility and long–term benefits, CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA can also train your in-house trainers so that they can provide the Managing a Shift Work Lifestyle to your workforce themselves.
  • Employee Publications - For your managers and employees to perform their best, they must have the right information at their fingertips. Whether a monthly newsletter for shift workers or a management report on best practices educating your people will allow them to perform better and be more productive.

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