GENERAL Fatigue Training (AFTO)

|GENERAL Fatigue Training (AFTO)

GENERAL Fatigue Training (AFTO)



Do you work shifts or irregular hours? Have you fallen asleep at the wheel? Does your lifestyle make you tired? Drinking too much coffee to stay alert? Are you tired of being tired?

If so, the answer is to understand sleep and your body.

Tiredness is now a growing problem in our modern society and is causing an increase in obesity, heart disease, digestive problems, and even depression. Fatigue Training Online provides you with the information and understanding to manage this threat to your health.

If you are tired you are compromising your ability to perform physical and mental tasks. Research has shown that a tired person will make up to 10 times more mistakes. Don’t let fatigue ruin your life! Protect your health and wellbeing and improve your quality of life!

Provides detailed information about the causes of fatigue and what to do about it, helping to manage a shift work lifestyle.

Note: If you are a truck driver or a transport scheduler or manager (for BFM accreditation, 14 hour day) this is not the course for you. Please refer to TLIF2010 and TLIF3063 in our online store.

Product Description

Designed for people who:

Features of the course:

  • Work long hours or nights.
  • Work shifts.
  • Extended hours and call-outs.
  • 2 modules approx 40 minutes duration each module.
  • Delivered on-line.
  • Can log out of course any time, then ‘resume’ again at screen left off at.
  • Narrated to enhance learning and knowledge retention and with some video content.
  • 12 months access to review.

(This course is also available with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) components)