ZircLight Technology

CIRCADIAN® ZircLight is developing spectrum-specific circadian-modulated ZircLight LED lighting, filtered eyewear and display screens to provide a highly effective solution to nocturnal workplace lighting that directly addresses the mechanisms underlying the light-induced dysfunction.

Development of Comprehensive Solutions for Light at Night

CIRCADIAN ZircLight owns a portfolio of internationally-issued and pending patents in its IP portfolio which provide a strong position for developing and marketing a comprehensive set of smart product solutions for minimising the risks of light exposure at night. These include circadian-modulated smart LED lighting systems and lamps, filtered eyewear and systems for computer screen monitors. Working with partners who are leaders in LED lighting and light sensors and controls, we are bringing a healthy revolution to how light is used at night.

Sources of Harmful Blue Wave Lengths & ZircLight Product Solutions

The mission of CIRCADIAN ZircLight is to provide bring high quality healthy light to enable the world to live and work at night, and remove the health, safety and productivity burden of light exposure at night.