Shift Scheduling

The largest contributor to risks and costs in 24/7 and shift work operations is the shift schedule. With sub-optimal shift schedules, employee performance is impaired and this negatively impacts shift worker productivity, absenteeism, employee turnover, health and safety. The process of finding the right shift scheduling solution can be tough, and this is where CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA’s experience and solutions are invaluable.

Shift Schedule Optimisation

Shift workers care about their shift schedule almost as much as their pay slip, and sometimes more. But there are so many opinions and false assumptions that finding the best shift schedule for your operation can be a real challenge.


There are hundreds of different shift schedules in use today. But contrary to popular belief there is no one “golden schedule” that surpasses all others.

The best schedule varies from one location to the next. It is the schedule that works best for your specific operation – by balancing operational requirements, safety, and employee preferences.

Expanding to 7 Day Operations

CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA helps companies realise the considerable returns and increased efficiency of 24/7 operations without losing the critical support of the workforce.


We can help with all steps from developing the business case and transition plan, selling it to the employees and implementing win-win operationally efficient shift scheduling and employee policies we ensure that the ROI is maximised.

Proportional Staffing

In many operations workload fluctuates more or less predictably hour by hour over the 168 hours in the week. Equally staffed fixed shifts can be a highly inefficient method of shift scheduling.


CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA helps 24/7 operations achieve enormous gains by matching employee duty to workload and then devising employee-acceptable shift schedules which maximize employee morale and performance.

Shift Work Opportunity Assessment

With 30 years of experience in every conceivable type of shift work operation, CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA can help you evaluate your schedule.


Managers are often too close to their own operation to see the opportunities, or may only have limited experience of possible alternatives. CIRCADIAN has the benefit of solving shift scheduling problems every day and knowing where the world-class solutions lie.