Education & Training

You cannot drive a 24/7 workforce faster than the skills and knowledge of your management and 24/7 workforce. Education and training are key to seizing the opportunities and minimising the risk of night shifts, rotating schedules and seamless 24/7 operations.

On-Site Workshops

Nothing is more valuable than having the senior management team of your company, or the site management at one of your operations, spending one or two days focusing on how to bring best 24/7 workforce management practices to your company.


Before you make any decisions – and risk exposing your operation to avoidable mistakes, unnecessary costs, and potential alienation of the workforce – schedule a 1-day workshop with CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA at your site location.

Managing a Shift Work Lifestyle

It is a staggering fact that even after 20 years on the job, most shift workers do not know how to adjust their lifestyle to minimise the negative effects of working around the clock. As a result, their job performance, safety, health and family life suffers, and your profits and productivity fall.


CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA’s popular training program provides critical information to help employees deal with the challenges of working shift work, especially the night shift. Training includes practical advice on fatigue, alertness, sleep, nutrition, health, family/social life and more.

Management Seminars

CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA’s management seminars provide state of the art advice and create awareness and understanding of the special challenges of shift work.


Some popular seminar topics:

  • Achieving Shift work Excellence
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
  • Converting to 7 Days Operations
  • Best Scheduling and Staffing Practices

Train the Trainer

To provide the greatest long–term benefits, CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA will train your in-house trainers so that they can provide the “Managing a Shift Work Lifestyle” to your 24/7 workforce on an ongoing basis.


Those who work rotating or irregular shifts have different problems from straight day workers because shift work has an effect on sleep, alertness, health, and family and social life. Most shift workers are unaware of these challenges when they start their shift work careers, and many facilities provide little or no education on these areas.

Fatigue Training Online

CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA offers online fatigue management training courses for the 24/7 workforce. The web-based system offers specialised training programs to educate workers on how to maintain alertness and high performance on-duty and get better sleep off-duty.


Fatigue Training Online™ provides a dynamic answer to fatigue training for 24/7 employees in every industry. It features audio, visual, and interactive content in 35-minute modules that educates users about the risks and challenges of fatigue and gives them practical solutions they can use every day.