Fatigue Training Online

Don’t underestimate your need for Fatigue Training Online. Every year, the effects of fatigue cost billions of dollars in increased incidents and accidents, health care costs, employee turnover, absenteeism, and lost productivity.

The most effective answer to protecting your operation’s bottom line against the cost of worker fatigue is through Fatigue Training Online.

More and more 24/7 operations are setting new standards for fatigue training within comprehensive fatigue risk management systems (FRMS). CIRCADIAN, a leader in 24/7 performance management provides the perfect tool to meet them with Fatigue Training Online.

Fatigue Training Online provides a dynamic answer to fatigue training for 24/7 employees in every industry. It features audio, visual, and interactive content in 30-minute modules that educates users about the risks and challenges of fatigue and gives them practical solutions they can use every day.