Energy Drinks: The Good, the Bad, and the Jittery

Step aside coffee, energy drinks are taking over! About half of all adults have tried them, and about half of all teenagers and young adults drink them regularly. In fact, energy drink sales in the United States reached more than $10 billion in 2012 – and that number is only growing. But many questions still remain about the safety of the ingredients in energy drinks and the accuracy of their marketing claims.

CIRCADIAN’s new whitepaper – Energy Drinks: The Good, The Bad and The Jittery – will:

  • Examine the ingredients that give energy drinks their boost
  • Define the difference between energy drinks and other caffeine source
  • Look at the rise and popularity of energy drinks
  • Identify potential safety issues
  • And suggest best consumption practices

You’ve probably reached for an energy drink yourself on a long night on the job. We encourage you to download this complimentary whitepaper to help you better understand best practices for consuming them.

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