Meet the Circadian Australia Team

  • They have a wealth of international leadership experience.
  • National and International experience in the Mining, Energy, Services, Aviation, Manufacturing and Transport industry.
  • Keynote and corporate seminar speakers.
  • Certified trainers within the Australian industry.

Mark Holmes


Mark co-founded Circadian Australia, leads our team and draws on a successful career in international leadership to ensure that we optimise outcomes for our clients and their people. He also draws on his own recent health experiences in managing his Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, which drives his passion for helping others suffering from sleep disruption and the related health outcomes. Mark is now the first to admit that like many people he was in denial about his OSA and the toll his disrupted sleep took on his health, effectiveness and alertness.

He is now a passionate advocate of sleep disorder treatments and lifestyle changes that can deliver amazing improvements in sleep quantity, alertness, health and wellbeing.

Jim MacDonnell


Jim leads our day-to-day operations at Circadian Australia and is actively involved in delivering optimised outcomes to our clients and their people. Jim has extensive transport industry experience equipping him to really understand the challenges our clients face every day where transport plays such a key role in the success, safety and profitability of Mining, Energy Services, Distribution, Aviation and manufacturing. Jim’s experience in optimising shift work rosters and schedules and delivering face to face education awareness and training on coping with a shift work lifestyle proves invaluable to our clients.

Neil Findlay

Non Executive Director

Neil actively supports the strategic development of Circadian Australia drawing on his unequalled transport industry experience, knowledge and relationships. Neil’s various Directorship roles encompass the freight and logistics activities of road, rail, sea and air-freight operations.

Christina Luestner

Client Manager

Christina delivers outstanding service to our online training clients. Drawing on more than 26 years transport industry experience, Christina understands the everyday challenges faced by drivers and schedulers and works hard to optimise the outcome of their online training courses, while developing online training course content and managing our web site.

Gemma Maisey


Gemma draws on her HSE experience in the mining industry and shift work in Western Australia, delivering our services to our clients and their people with a specialised focus on conducting sleep performance studies deploying Actigraphy Sleep Watches and conducting sleep report consultations to optimise the outcome for individuals and their employers.

Rachel Lehen


Rachel is a leader in New Zealand helping clients and their people by delivering fatigue training programs, lifestyle training programs, sleep disorder screening and educational courses for continual learning. Rachel deploys Actigraphy Sleep Watches in her sleep performance programs, especially for drivers, shift workers and people who work extended hours.


Allan Wildbore

Sustainable Resilience Partners

+61 419 154 472

Allan has a long career of HSE experience in the Energy sector for global and national organisations, and in the sports sector. He partners with Circadian Australia delivering Actigraphy Sleep watches and our sleep performance programs to professional sports club athletes and to industry.

Andre delivers individual coaching programs to athletes and professionals to help them achieve their goals and improve their health and wellbeing by combining sleep performance programs with exercise and stress management coaching.