About Us

CIRCADIAN AUSTRALIA is a 100% owned Australian company and key member of the global Circadian Technologies Inc. group.

We are a dedicated, passionate and experienced team committed to helping people and organisations to better cope with the opportunities and challenges in our 24/7 world by drawing on more than 30 years of research and consulting experience of our global affiliate, Circadian Technologies, Inc. in Boston.

Across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we help people learn how to sleep better, how to improve their health, wellbeing, performance and sustainability, in turn improving productivity and profitability for their organisations, both big and small.

The people we help and support are not limited to any one field and include shift workers, day workers, C Suite Executives, Company Directors, professional athletes, professional drivers, airline cabin crew and pilots, marine pilots, emergency services first responders and control room operators, among others.

We are world leaders in delivering education, awareness and training in coping with fatigue through our online courses and face-to-face workshops. Our online training is borderless, being delivered in many countries and cultures and produced in languages as unique as Mongolian (text and narration) for 6,000 mine shift workers in the Gobi Desert.

Check out our web site for the broad range of services and scientifically validated tools that we use in our every day work to ensure an optimized outcome for our clients.